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It’s all about tires!  That was the motive for publishing the “EnTIRE Truth” series.  Over the years, the article would be written by three different individuals well known in the karting industry: Eric Rendleman of Eric Rendleman Performance, Brad Gerrels of Southern Express Kart Shop / Falcon Racing Chassis, and Jon Keister of Keister Karting Products.  Brad Gerrels wrote his final article for the series in November 2012.  A year later, we tried to revive the series with Jon Keister, but we ultimately decided that there was little left to write about.  Please enjoy this detailed and comprehensive series on cutting, prepping, and maintaining tires.

September 2013 Jon Keister: More Info About Burris Tires
November 2012 Farewell and Goodbye (Plus a Few Final Pieces of Advice)
October 2012 Fall Weather and Indoor Racing
August 2012 All About Air Pressure
July 2012 How To Cut Tires
June 2012 More About Burris Tires
May 2012 Maxxis 9.00 HT3 Thin Rubber
April 2012 Date Codes: How Old Are Your Tires?
March 2012 Tire Stagger
February 2012 Buying Used Tires (What To Do and What Not To Do)
January 2012 A Little Info About Wheels
December 2011 Winter Storage and Air Pressure
November 2011 Don’t Blame Your Tires
October 2011 Prepping, Money Racing, and Cold Weather
September 2011 Inside Prepping Part 2
August 2011 Inside Prepping Part 1
July 2011 Summer Racing
June 2011 Adjusting Your Tire Program in Response to Changing Weather Forecasts
May 2011 Are Tire Rules Good or Bad for Karting?
April 2011 The Maxxis EL
March 2011 Brad Gerrels Tire Prep
January 2011 Cold Weather Prepping
December 2010 What To Do with Your Tires After the Race
October 2010 New Tire Compounds (SIC: New at the Time of Publication)
September 2010 How Prepping Influences Kart Setup
August 2010 Tire Prepping
July 2010 Prepping: Getting the Right Coat
June 2010 Mounting and Dismounting Tires
May 2010 Maxxis Blues and Pinks
April 2010 Tires You Need For Warmer Conditions
March 2010 Preparing Tires for Wet Race Tracks
December 2009 Preparing Tires for Cold Weather
November 2009 About the Maxxis HT-3 Wide
September 2009 Should I Cut My Tires?
August 2009 Burris Tires
July 2009 Burris Tires