Speed Shop Scholar


For more than nine years, Jimmy Rivers of JRPW has provided Chase’n Race’n readers with insightful tech knowlege through his “Speed Shop Scholar” series. The articles listed below are just a small portion of Jimmy’s contributions. Each article is in PDF format and is sure to help you with many aspects of your racing program.

August 2015 A Day and Night Difference
December 2014 Springing and Lashing Out
September 2014 Final Adjustments
July 2014 Tying It All Together
May 2014 Building Blocks…The Foundation Part 2
April 2014 Building Blocks…The Foundation
February 2014 Helmet Required
January 2014 Forward Thinking
December 2013 Racer’s (Lack Of) Etiquette
November 2013 Cold Storage
October 2013 Buyer Beware
September 2013 Fueling The Need
August 2013 A Defining Lesson
July 2013 A Staggering Development
June 2013 Maximum Tension
May 2013 Technical Malfunction
April 2013 Karting by the Numbers
March 2013 Surviving the Wild
February 2013 Helmet Required
January 2013 Winterization
December 2012 The Principles of Protection
October 2012 Cheating… Racing’s Dirty Word
September 2012 Going The Distance
August 2012 Up In the Front
July 2012 Staggering, Without Falling Down!
June 2012 Getting Your Rear End In Gear!
May 2012 Unintended Consequences
April 2012 Getting It All Together
March 2012 Setting Up. Basically
February 2012 Course Introduction