Grass Roots Tech Barn


The Grass Roots Tech Barn was Jimmy Rivers‘ first series of articles for CRI.  The Tech Barn featured many different topics concerning maintenance and troubleshooting, all aimed at racers on a budget.  The Tech Barn ran from 2007 until May of 2012, when Jimmy changed gears and began writing the “Speed Shop Scholar” series for CRI.

May 2012 Unintended Consequences
January 2012 Cleaning Addiction
December 2011 Preparing For A Long Winter Nap
November 2011 Beating Down Old Man Winter
October 2011 Don’t Let The Gas Get Ya
September 2011 Double Clutching
July 2011 Still On The Soap Box…
June 2011 Expectations, Dues, and Reality
May 2011 Online and The Box Stock
April 2011 So You Wanna Go Kart Racing…Part 2
March 2011 So You Wanna Go Kart Racing…Part 1
February 2011 The Racer’s Tech Toolbox
January 2011 Outrunning Old Man Winter
December 2010 What Percentage Do You Fall In?
November 2010 Kart Scaling…On The Level
October 2010 A Great Body
September 2010 Take A Seat
August 2010 From The Box To The Stand To The Scales
June 2010 Getting A Clean Start
May 2010 Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Without The Tub
February 2010 Spring Fever
January 2010 The Animal Carb: No Beast Here
December 2009 Getting Your Head Back On
September 2009 It Won’t Start…What Now?
May 2009 The Racer’s Toolbox
February 2009 Driveline Maintenance
January 2009 Cold Remedy
October 2008 Lashing Out
September 2008 Leak No More
June 2008 Spits, Sputters, and Hiccups
May 2008 A Clean Animal Is A Good Animal
May 2008 Cover Your Assets
January 2008 Tire Sizing
December 2007 Kart Washing
October 2007 Clutch Maintenance
September 2007 Getting Things Straight…