“R” Word changes Weekend Plans

Well, just as the crew was making final preps to head west for Round 5 of the P&R Photos Ozark Karting Series at Lasoski Speedway, we get the call that the event has been cancelled due to a high likelihood of the wet stuff on race day. Promoter Jimmy Swan mad ethe call this morning to give everyone time to alter their travel plans, if they were indeed coming from any distance. Some may not agree with the decision, but they are the same ones who have nothing at stake. Lasoski’s racing surface is known to absorb water like a sponge, but there are so many more tangibles to consider when hosting a series race. If indeed the forecast is correct and it rains until noon, or shortly after, the track crew would have their backs against the wall to get it ready for karts by sundown. Oh, and that doesn’t take into account the atrocious parking mess rain can cause there! I’ve personally seen trailers hauled from the gate and parked with tractors, and I’ve seen them dragged out of the pits with tractors. The bottom line is that it could very well be a miserable weekend, but foresight on the behalf of the promoter and his team are playing the right card by postponing the event!

nkl_16Now, with that said, the P&R Photos / Chase’n Race’n Online wagon will change course and head to Staley NC for the NKL event at Liberty Raceway Park. It’s been several years since we’ve rolled through those gates, and we’re looking forward to returning. The Burrow family has done an outstanding with LRP, as it is without a doubt one of the premier karting facilities in the Eastern half of the U.S. Many moons ago, we made the trek to Staley more than a couple of times a year, mainly with Ronnie Miller’s NC Dirt Series, and the place never fails to produce some super exciting action!  So, if you’re in the area, and want to witness karting at it’s finest, come on out to LRP on Saturday!! We’ll see ya there!!

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