Thanksgiving Rumor is Actually Fact?????

Well, many in the “inner circle” caught wind of this news earlier as the rumor mill cranked several weeks ago. Without divulging details, (we’ve been sworn to secrecy!! lol) but there will be an option for kart racers in the Bible Belt during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend!!  Many racers over the years have voiced the opinion that their options for that weekend were limited, and many have even opted to stay at home all together. The event being put together will offer several options for those looking for an alternative for the holiday weekend. The promoter of the event promises a high quality, affordable, family friendly, kart racing experience, at a premier facility, with no pretense of excessive “lottery” type life changing purses. “We’ll offer a couple of decent paying classes, and our payscale will be aimed at the racers who aren’t trying to make bank in the sport”, states the event promoter. The event schedule will also allow racers to spend the holiday at home with their families, before heading out to the track for a great weekend of kart racing.
Stay tuned to Chase’n Race’n Online. Details will be forthcoming!!

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