Mid-Atlantic kicks off 2016 at GKK…..

Promoter Mackie Flood takes his show on the road this weekend to Georgia to open the 2016 season for the Maxxis Mid-Atlantic Series. 2016 marks the 4th year for the series, and they roll into the Georgia Karting Komplex with a little over 200 pre registered entries. While that number may not sound huge, it really is! Think about it, this will be the third out of four weekends that one of the three largest series in America opens up, all three in the state of Georgia! The DynoCams Tri-State series kicked off at GKK on Feb 6, while Rodney Byers postponed the NKL opener in Chatsworth from the 13th to this past Saturday, the 20th. Now, Flood brings his traveling road show to GKK.

With practice slated for 10am Saturday morning, the highlight feature for Flood’s series this weekend will be the Chubb Dove Memorial Race. The All Pro division will race in memory for a $3000 payday. Semi Pro Heavy, Stock Heavy, and Jr 3 Pro all boast $1000 to win.

Need more information? Need parking? Contact Mackie Flood at 843-224-6478.

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